Adding Blur Effect In Capcut: The Best Guide

Blur Effect In Capcut, ever wanted to add it to your creations? Craving that artistic touch that draws viewers’ attention to your video’s focal point? Look no further than the powerful blur effect nestled within CapCut’s treasure trove of editing tools.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of CapCut’s blur effect, mastering its secrets step-by-step. We’ll explore how to blur your entire clip for a dreamy ambiance, or how to precisely target specific areas, leaving only the spotlight on your chosen elements. Whether you’re a seasoned CapCut editor or a curious newbie, this journey will help you with the skills to elevate your video storytelling to a whole new level. So, grab your phone, fire up CapCut, and prepare to let your creativity blossom with the magic of blur!

Blur Effect In Capcut

Blur Effect In Capcut:

So we will divide the whole process into small steps, first we’ll add our clip to the timeline, then make a copy of it to act as an overlay, then apply the blur effect on the duplicated clip, mask it and move it into our desired destination. I hope that this small summary helps so now lets start doing it:

Step 1: Importing Your Files

The first obviously is to import all your asset or clip in the scene or if you have a project already set up then you might just want to skip this step, the video I have used for this project is Video by Bhargava Marripati on Unsplash

import your assets

Step 2: Duplicate Your Asset

Now, add your clip to the time line and duplicate it by copying and pasting the clip in the timeline, in the next steps we’re gonna make a mask out of it to make the effect work.

duplicate your asset

Step 3: Apply The Desired Blur Effect

Now apply your desired style of blur effect from Capcut’s library, in my case I’m using the mosaic effect that is found in the cartoon section of Capcuts library.

choose your style of blur effect

Step 4: Make A Mask Of The Duplicate Clip

Now, apply a mask of the shape you want the blur to be like, I’m making into a square shape, make sure that the masking option is tick because some beginners make this mistake.

mask the clip

Step 5: Making Final Touches

Now, its your job to add keyframes if needed, improve the shape or do whatever your project needs, its up to you.


With these techniques under your belt, you’ve unlocked a CapCut superpower: the ability to add depth, focus, and artistic intrigue to your videos. Experiment, experiment, experiment! Blur faces for anonymity, soften distracting backgrounds, or use a dramatic fade to emphasize key moments. Remember that the blur effect is a creative brushstroke, an invitation to express your unique vision and tell your story through the language of video. So keep blurring, exploring, and captivating your audience with the enthralling world CapCut has revealed at your fingertips.