QuillBot Review 2024: Can It Pass Human Content Test?

In this QuillBot review we’ll discuss that many things have changed since ChatGPT came out and now everything is related to AI one way or the other, or at least you have started noticing AI wherever you visit the internet, rumors say that companies have started firing the live chat support guys and started using AI chatbots.

Everybody has started using ChatGPT whether you’re a kid writing an essay, a grown man writing a job letter, or a content creator creating AI scripts for his videos.

With the rise of AI, there are also many AI content detectors on the internet which are mostly free with a limit of around 1500 characters to be scanned, these AI content detectors can easily detect content made with ChatGPT 3.5 or 4, content made with Google’s Bard or any big AI content generator out there.

If you’re a student and the teacher detects your AI thesis then you have to face some consequences, whether it’s a AI generated job application, a simple essay or a thesis the content in it is made by AI should not be detected, so to prevent that we can use AI paraphrasing tools and one of best AI paraphrasing tool is Quill bot and today we’re going to check how good it is and can it pass human-generated content test and everything in this article is going to be transparent and clear.

QuillBot Review

Try to read the full Quillbot review to know all the features, the goods, the bads and all the tools and functionalities provided by QuillBot are mentioned here in this Quillbot review.

Key Takeaways

  • Quillbot is a tool that has many features such as AI paraphraser, citation generator, plagiarism checker, all in one text editor, and much more.
  • It has two pricing tiers, the first one is free with some limits and the other is the premium tier, which you can pay for a monthly, semi-annually, or annual subscription.
  • Quillbot cannot be used to rephrase AI content to make it undetectable in AI content-detecting software.

What is QuillBot? An Overview

quillbot logo

Quillbot initially started as a paraphrasing tool and changed the wording of paragraphs by substituting synonyms of words and changing the order of the words.

It still to this day does these things but its AI has learned many things and now it does a very good job of paraphrasing text, it can now understand sentences and then substitute a better sentence than the previous.

Quillbot also has many other features other than paraphrasing and some of then are:

  • Citation Generator
  • Translator
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Summarizer
  • Quillbot Flow(Text Editor)

We are mainly going to discuss Quillbot’s paraphraser in this Quillbot review.

What is QuillBot Flow?

QuillBot flow is mainly a text editor but combines all the other tools of QuillBot into one place so you don’t have to change tabs to use other products at the same time.

Now, that you have got an overview of QuillBot, let’s dive deeper and compare its prices, pros, cons and most importantly put it against human content generators.

You know what the best part of using QuillBot is, that many of its great features are kind of free.

QuillBot Pricing: What Does It Cost?

The QuillBot pricing mainly two tiers of QuillBot, the first one is the free one and the other one is the premium one, the annual, semi-annual, and monthly price is listed below:

  • $49.95/annually ($4.17/month)
  • $39.95/semiannually ($6.66/month)
  • $9.95 when billed monthly
quillbot pricing plan

Features Of QuillBot AI Paraphraser:

Now, to this point, you have understood that QuillBot has many features related to writing such as the citation generator, translator, QuillBot Flow, and the most prominent AI paraphrase, but in this article we’ll focus on the AI paraphrase because this is going to be the tool we’re going to use against AI content detectors.

The AI paraphrasing tool has many kind of paraphrasing modes such as the standard mode, fluency mode, creative mode, academic mode, simple mode, and expand mode etc.

paraphrasing modes

But we’re gonna be focusing on the free modes as they are the most accessible as they are free.

1. The Standard Mode:

The standard mode is the default mode for paraphrasing text in QuillBot, the standard mode does some modification to the text, and changes some of the wording in the sentences to avoid plagiarism.

This mode prioritizes preserving the originality and core idea of the text, it tries to keep the text more human-like and not make it robotic and awkward.

You should only use the standard mode when you want the text to be accurate with the original tone, the standard mode checks for any errors or misinterpretations.

2. Fluency Mode:

The fluency mode takes your text on a very unique journey and paraphrases its so that the text is fluent and esay to read. It changes your text by adding synonyms, and antonyms and really polishes your sentences.

The fluency does not prioritize preserving the original idea instead it changes your text to make it more “fluent” as the names suggest.

You should use creative mode when you want the text to reach the reader’s mind easily, so that the reader can understand what you are trying to say and act accordingly.

Can QuillBot Defeat AI Content Detector?

In short, it cannot completely fool AI content detectors but it can surely help you in decreasing the AI content probability percentage by around 10% based on my research.

Now, after a long wait after understanding everything about QuillBot here we are at the most interesting and awaited topic, will QuillBot be able to beat AI content detectors?

For this experiment, we’ll use a free AI content detector which I have personally used many times and it has produced scary accurate results which is the AI content detector by ContentDetector.ai

This AI content detector has a free tier with a limit of 1500 characters, which is enough for the sake of this experiment.

Can QuillBot’s Paraphrased Text Be Detected?

Let’s start by generating a 200-word essay about “Photosynthesis”, then paraphrasing it with QuillBot, and then submitting it to the AI content detector to check if the text is undetectable or not.

This is the prompt I gave ChatGPT to generate an essay about Photosynthesis, “Generate a 200-word essay on “Photosynthesis”.”

And this is ChatGPT’s reply:

chat gpts essay response

These are the before results:

AI essay detection before results

And to no one’s surprise, it’s saying 83% AI-generated content, and by the way we are going to use the first two paragraphs of the essay

Now, we’ll use both of the free paraphrasing tool modes, which are the standard one and the fluency one to check which one produces the best results.

1. Using Standard As Paraphrasing Mode

When the text is paraphrased using QuillBot’s standard paraphrasing mode these are the results that were produced, and the AI content probability percentage dropped from 83% to only 71%, that’s a good jump if you ask me.

AI essay detection after standard paraphrasing

2. Using Fluency As Paraphrasing Mode

When the text is paraphrased using QuillBot’s standard paraphrasing mode these are the results that were produced, and I am not impressed by the results, the probability percentage drop is not very good but still it’s a decent tool.

AI essay detection after fluency mode paraphrasing

Pros And Cons Of QuillBot

Now, we’re gonna finish off by knowing some pros and cons of using QuillBot. So, let’s start with pros and then discuss the cons.

Pros Of Using QuillBot

Some of the many pros of using QuillBot are:

  1. Language support: QuillBot supports various languages, allowing users to paraphrase content in different languages, not just English.
  2. Vocabulary expansion: QuillBot may introduce users to alternative words and phrases, helping them expand their vocabulary.
  3. Increased productivity: Users can utilize QuillBot to generate multiple versions of a text, which can be useful for content creation or academic writing.
  4. Time-saving: QuillBot can quickly generate paraphrased content, saving users time compared to manually rephrasing sentences.

Cons Of Using QuillBot

Some of the cons of using QuillBot are:

  1. Subscription costs: While there is a free version of QuillBot, more advanced features and higher usage limits may require a subscription, which could be a drawback for users looking for a completely free tool.
  2. Can’t Bypass AI Detection Software: One thing I wish wasn’t true but is true about QuillBot is that its free-tier paraphrasing modes can’t bypass AI Content detectors.


Now after reading the whole Quillbot review article, you should have a solid opinion on Quillbot and it’s paraphrasing tool and whether you should buy it or not? Well, it depends on your particular needs, such as you should buy it if you are a writer and in your daily routine you have to generate citations, paraphrase text, check grammar mistakes in your text or just want to use a good text editor. I hope that you now can decide whether you should buy QuillBot or not after reading through this Quillbot review article.